Yacht management



Yacht Management

The key to an excellent yachting experience ultimately rests on the proficiency of the management team and its ability to deliver a hassle free, quality service. At DTA Yacht Management, we take pride in offering a high quality, holistic management service for our clients. With a capable team that has in-depth knowledge and experience, not only in the field of superyachts but in all aspects of marine service providing. Our group has had a presence in the UAE for over 20 years, it is only natural that we have developed a very strong network with port officials and suppliers that allows us to offer a significant advantage to our clients. We prefer to be viewed as an integral part of your yachting experience by catering to all your needs and providing unmatched 24/7 support.

Our Services

Yacht Agency

Managing the agency and operational activities can become complex with a variety of requirements and procedures which are necessary. This includes following the formalities set out by local authorities, making sure owner’s expectations are fully satisfied and ensuring the asset is well looked after. Our team is specialized in all aspects of maintenance, provision supply, technical assistance and guidance with respect to local regulations. We aim to provide quality solutions along with simplicity and comfort for yacht owners and captains.

Technical Services

Maintenance is a critical factor with a pleasure craft; ensuring the vessel’s integrity, sustaining its reliability, and preserving value. Our in-house technical team can provide invaluable assistance in all technical related matters ranging from hull and machinery to electrical work.

Interior and Exterior Maintenance

Our team consistently strives for excellence when it comes to visual representation and interior quality; again, key factors in upholding the value and desirability of any yacht. Upholstery works, fabrication, exterior and interior paint and other related requirements can be managed effectively. Our mission is to successfully deliver a high-standard service for discerning clients.